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Online iPhone Courses

I teach online iPhone courses. You can signup for my self-paced course on SkillShare.

Learn how to program in the Objective-C programming language. After you learn the basics, I'll show you how to build apps one piece at a time.

New to Programming?

If you've never programmed before, you will start with the programming basics. I'll teach you how to think like a computer science student using real-world analogies. 

iPhone app development is hard work, but I believe that you can do teach yourself new tricks. It only takes passion and practice to become an awesome iPhone developer. 



Student Apps

These apps were published by my students after taking my iPhone course.

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Everything I share is based on my experience on the App Store. I have published five apps on the App Store with over 575,000 downloads. Want to learn more about my apps and App Store marketing?


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Great class - Paul’s knowledge of iOS development and easy to follow teaching style makes this the perfect class for anyone interested in building their own Apps. I highly recommend you take this.
— Chris Gillis, Chris Gillis Design
Paul’s class was well thought out and the resources were excellent. You need to do the work that he recommends. Well worth it!
— Penn Newson
Paul is a natural born teacher. Video quality was excellent.
— Jonathan Grover


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