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I teach modern online iPhone app courses.

These iOS development courses are designed for beginners who want to make an iPhone app.

In my Complete iPhone Course Bundle you'll learn UI design, layout, code, storyboarding, and customizing your apps.

There are 10 courses in the Complete iPhone Course Bundle with 80 hours of content (that's 2 college courses).

You can checkout my credentials on my About page. To summarize, I've worked for Apple and Microsoft. I have published 6 apps on the App Store and I have taught thousands of students on Udemy, Skillshare, and

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Instead of learning in a vacuum you can learn with others in an online community.


When you subscribe to the course bundle you'll join the online community forums where you can connect with other students learning to make iPhone apps.

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Paul Solt

Do you want to make an iPhone app?

My name is Paul Solt, and I am an experienced and trusted iPhone App Expert. I am passionate about helping you learn how to create apps, and I love to see your ideas come to life. 

As a former Apple employee, I possess a profound understanding of iPhone software, apps and programming. Not only does this understanding allow me to simplify what might otherwise become a complicated programming process, but it also allows me to share many years worth of knowledge and experience with motivated students in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

With over two years of online teaching experience—and additional classroom experience as a RIT Adjunct Professor in computer science—I am confident in my ability to guide you through whatever problems might arise on your path to app programming success.

As a professional programmer, I have published six iPhone/iPad apps and racked up 640,606 App Store Downloads. In addition, I have run two successful Kickstarter campaigns to help fund my iPhone app courses. My tips for Kickstarter success can be found within my blog!

As is evidenced by my 4,915 happy students on Udemy (57 reviews, 5 stars), I allow my passion, knowledge, and experience regarding this subject to shine through at every moment. It is incredibly rewarding to help others to succeed, and the payoff grows with each new course I teach. Reading the feedback of my students has helped validate my choice to become an online educator, and I cannot wait to continue the process with future students.